Gallery Mélange opens in downtown Asheville fusing visual arts + fine jewelry

Gallery Mélange opens in downtown Asheville fusing visual arts + fine jewelry

Downtown Asheville is set to become an epicenter of artistic brilliance with the grand opening of Gallery Mélange, a contemporary art gallery featuring the works of noted artists Mark Bettis and Victoria Pinney, alongside the exquisite fine jewelry creations of Jeffrey Burroughs. The inaugural event promises an immersive experience, bringing together diverse artistic expressions that captivate and inspire.

About Gallery Mélange: Gallery Mélange, founded in 2024 by artists Mark Bettis, Jeffrey Burroughs, and Victoria Pinney, is an artist-owned space committed to showcasing the beauty and diversity of contemporary art. The gallery’s name, Mélange, reflects its mission to create a harmonious mixture of artistic styles, mediums, and perspectives. Located in downtown Asheville, Gallery Mélange is a dynamic addition to the thriving arts scene of the city.

Featured Artists:

Mark Bettis: A masterful painter, Mark Bettis transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art. His bold and uplifting paintings, characterized by a harmonious blend of styles, promise to captivate art enthusiasts.

Victoria Pinney: A visionary abstractionist, Victoria Pinney draws inspiration from the textures of the world around her. Her brightly colored abstractions, reflecting the essence of beauty found in everyday elements, showcase a unique approach to contemporary art.

Jeffrey Burroughs: A fine jeweler with a passion for creating distinctive and personal pieces, Jeffrey Burroughs brings a touch of elegance and individuality to Gallery Mélange. His jewelry designs are a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity.

“Gallery Mélange is not just a space; it’s a celebration of creativity and individuality. We invite art lovers to join us in this exciting journey as we open our doors to the vibrant Asheville community.” – Gallery Mélange Founders

About Gallery Mélange:

Gallery Mélange is a contemporary art gallery located in downtown Asheville, founded by artists Mark Bettis, Jeffrey Burroughs, and Victoria Pinney. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing a harmonious mixture of artistic styles and perspectives, providing a dynamic space for art lovers and the art-curious alike.