Victoria Pinney

From a transformative airplane ride at the age of six, Victoria Pinney discovered a revelation in the patchwork of textures, colors, and shapes that unfolded beneath her. This early encounter with abstraction became the cornerstone of her artistic journey, a way of seeing that continues to shape her distinctive approach to art.


Drawing inspiration from the microcosms of beauty found in rusted rail cars, crumbling stone walls, sycamore tree bark, and even peeling paint, Pinney sees the textured surface as integral to her paintings, elevating it to the same level of importance as color and shape.


Working intuitively with oil paint and elemental substances like wax and sand, Pinney meticulously builds up layers, only to scratch through them, revealing a visual tapestry of “history.” Her paintings, imbued with a sense of ancient allure, feel like repositories of time, inviting viewers to glimpse the past through the erosion of the present, with each layer partially visible through the next.


While largely self-taught, Victoria Pinney is a dedicated artist who works from her open studio in Asheville, North Carolina’s vibrant River Arts District. Her brightly colored abstractions have graced galleries from Delaware to Oregon and found a place in private collections across the country. Recognized as an “emerging artist” by Art Galleries and Artists of the South, Pinney’s work is a testament to her innate talent and evolving mastery in the realm of abstraction.